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SCC Customer Service Management Solution
Intellectualized phone call consultation services
that optimize client work processes.
We provide environment that is flexible in terms of system expansion
and connection with process-based module construction.
It facilitates reception and management of phone consultations
in client companies and enables softphone management
(dialing/answering/forwarding, etc.),
customer information management and consultation history management.
Why is customer contact management necessary?
  • Different consultant for
    every visit/call
    · Different consultants
       assigned for every single visit
    · There may be inconvenience
       of re-explaining the details if the
       consultation is ongoing
       (no continuity)
  • Change of occupation/
    eresignation of consultants
    · Change of occupation or
       resignation of consultants due
       to pregnancy, child care,
       health issues, etc.
    · In the case where resignation is
       inevitable due to the relocation of
       the company
  • Absent/unmanaged response
    manual that consultants
    can refer to
    · Existence of infrastructure (IPX,
       CTI, Recording, etc.), Absence of
       consultant reference system
    · Consultants take responsibility for
       complaints on the quality of
       consultation of customers.
  • No outcome/management
    environment regarding
    (in the manager point of view)
    · Difficult to check improvement
       points due to lack of digitization of
       performance (number of visitors
       and phone reception) data
       management, trend analysis,
       performance analysis and analysis
       on customer reception effect
Smart Customer Center Flow Chart Smart Customer Center, a call center consultation solution, improves the quality of customer service and minimizes customer grievances. Smart Customer Center Flow Chart
System concept map System building plan may vary according to the client’s environment. System concept map
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