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Flamingo SRM IT Service Request Management Solution
Management of internal client-oriented IT service and
information system life cycle
Provides flexible service environment that can induce self-processing of simple
questions and answers on provision of necessary software when replacing
PCs, introduction of installation method, groupware setup, troubleshooting
manuals, guides on IP transfer and turnover, reception and handling of the SR
regarding errors and improvement on application system, module configuration.
Easy performance management and customization process.
Why is service request management needed?
  • PC Replacement (Format)
    required S/W, IP, IDD
    · Where are the programs, such as a
       document, groupware, security,
       virus, encryption, etc. and how are
       they installed?
    · How can one request for
       information, such as IP, network
       connection,when a new server is
       about to be brought in or be
  • Changes in members of the
    organization such as
    resignation, etc.
    · Where is the manual for the system
       that I will manage?
    · To whom should I deliver
       problems of the operation system?
    · Has anyone already asked the same
  • SR Request/Processing/Result
    · To whom the requested matter
       was delivered and how is it being
    · I wish a particular function
       to be added.
       Will my request be considered?
  • No proof of work results
    /process improvement
    (managerial perspective)
    · How can we be sure
       about the elements
       (functions and systems)
       that the employees truly need?
    · Is there any material
       on the system usage rate
       and improvement effects?
Flamingo SRM Flow Chart Solution for the system introduction/development/operation/management
that utilizes existing information, such as past processing records.
Flamingo SRM Flow Chart
System concept map Customization of service to the existing environment is available. System concept map
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