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ez-POST Mail management solution
ELF that helps with mail management tasks Mail management solution that allows automatic entry
of a reference number through barcode scan,
real-time monitoring of internal delivery processes
for registered mail.
Why is mail management necessary?
  • Usual work processes
    are stalled during
    the mail-sending period.
    · Particularly during the preparation
       and sending of the outside mail,
       such as bills, pass/fail notices,
       product information pamphlets,
       advertisements and contract
       renewal guides.
  • Errors in incoming
    mail processing/management.
    · Management of the regular
       internal postal matters,
       including receiving/tracking.
  • Tracking of general
    and registered outgoing mails
    is needed
    · Status check of general
       and registered outgoing mail.
    · Received/sent mail lists
  • Postal affairs management
    takes up too much
    · For organizations which
       large postal expenses caused by
       the necessity to deal
       with unimportant mails,
       such as payment confirmations
ez-POST System Flow Chart Provides convenient mail management of received and outgoing mails through bar code readers ez-POST Flow Chart
System concept map Ez-POST is an ELF that helps your company’s mail management tasks. System concept map Work procedure We provide convenient mail management. Work procedure
Introduction effect ez-POST is introduced and used at 160 institutions of all autonomous communities throughout the country and
we would like to show you one example.
Introduction effect
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