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Person in charge

Person in charge

Angelina Khodotova (Manager) +82-70-4355-6379



  • Certificate of a Management Innovation SME 2023.07.28
  • Certificate of Participation in the Work-Life Balance Campaign 2023.01.16
  • Innovative SME certificate 2023.01.06
  • Seoul-type strong SME 2023.01.01
  • Achievement & Performance sharing enterprise Certificate 2022.12.29
  • Employment stability excellent company certificate 2021.10.22
  • Selected as a talent-developing SME 2021.06.30
  • Venture Business Certificate 2021.04.27
  • Family-friendly enterprise certificate (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family) 2020.12.01
  • "Hi Seoul" brand company (by Seoul City Government) 2020.01.01


  • Appreciation plaque from KleanNara for VOC System development 2023
  • National Credit Union Achievement Award 2017
  • Appreciation plaque from Shinan Card for ICT Service portal development 2015
  • Award from Shingan Card for ICT Service portal development 2015
  • Award from Korea Local Information Research and Development Institute (KLID) 2014
  • Award from Seoul City Council 2013
  • Minister prize from Ministry of Security and Public Administration 2012
  • Award certificate from Gyeonggi Province for SOS System Operation 2010 / 2009


  • The Vision Assistance Device And Method Capable Of Stair Object Recognition Registration No. 10-2496113 2023.02.01
  • The Vision Assistance Device And Method Capable Of Secalator Object Recognition Registration No. 10-2443925 2022.09.13
  • Clothing Recommendation Device And Method Registration No. 10-2310565 2021.10.01
  • Image Search Apparatus And Method Registration No. 10-2283547 2021.07.23
  • System And Method For Parking Management By Parking Cars Motion Detection Based On Video Images Registration No. 10-2274728 2021.07.02
  • Mobile Complaint Processing System And Method Registration No. 10-2254718 2021.05.14
  • Easy Mobile Reporting System And Method That Based On Voice And Video Registration No. 10-2234870 2021.03.26
  • The Vision Assistance Device And Method Registration No. 10-2234079 2021.03.25
  • System For Analyzing And Extracting Inssue Word From Public Service Board And Method For Analyzing And Extracting Inssue Word From Public Service Board And Method Registration No. 10-2123687 2020.06.10
  • Method For Providing Guide Of Camera And Electronic Device Registration No. 10-2099635 2020.04.06
  • Apparatus And Method Of Protecting For Application Data In A Portable Terminal Registration No. 10-1881303 2018.07.18
  • Appratus For Cpmputing Platform Robust To Environmental Noises Registration No. 10-1915182 2018.01.30
  • Apparatus For Recognizing The Owner Of A Vehicle Registration No. 10-1772393 2017.08.21
  • Apparatus and Method for Bulding Law Ontology Registration No. 10-1664454 2016.10.04
  • Media Data Synchronization Method And Device Registration No. 10-1664454 2016.10.04
  • Server and method for audio or video files synchronization and extracting texts from them upon uploading a file Registration No. 10-1618777 2016.04.29
  • Apparatus And Method For Lossless Coding And Decoding Image Selectively Registration No. 10-1539260 2015.07.20
  • System And Mtehod For Constructing Named Entity Dictionary Registration No. 10-1302563 2013.08.27
  • Method For Synchronizing Contents, Apparatus And System Using The Same Registration No. 10-1217817 2012.12.26
  • Method And Apparatus For Generating Image With Depth-Of-Field Highlighted Registration No. 10-1212802 2012.12.10
  • Module And Method For Managing Service Attributes Based On Ontology, Visualization System And Method Of Using The Same Registration No. 10-1009923 2011.01.14
  • Apparatus And Method For Intelligent Type Remote Meter Reading In A Parallel Way Registration No. 10-1092719 2011.12.05
  • System For Receving Postal Matter And Method Thereof Registration No. 10-0953988 2010.04.13
  • User Interface For Image Searching, Image Searching System And Method Thereof Using The User Interface Registration No. 10-0709013 2007.04.11