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FLAMINGO Integrated Petition Management System
This is an integrated management solution for clients that controls
all the details on various appeals (questions, suggestions, proposals,
complaints, reports, requests, acknowledgements etc.) that have been received
via the website, mobile, phone calls or e-mails. The system working principle
is based on the series of internal processing procedures such as distribution,
designation, approval and automatic answer registration and notice.
Flamingo SRM IT Service Request Management
Provides flexible service environment that can induce self-processing
of simple questions and answers, such as provision of necessary software
when replacing PCs, introduction of installation method, simple groupware,
introduction of solutions to obstacles regarding accessing of application
program, giving of user IP due to new account and turnover, reception and
handling of service requests regarding errors and improvement on application
system, module configuration based on the process with easy performance
management and realization of client company customizing function.
SCC Customer Service Management Solution
We provide environment that is flexible in terms of system expansion and connection with process-based module construction. It facilitates reception and management of phone consultations in client companies and enables softphone management (dialing/answering/forwarding, etc.), customer information management and consultation history management.
Major Client Companies We maintain continuous relationships based on trust.
    Government Agencies
  • 한국지역정보개발원
  • 서울특별시의회
  • 행정안전부
  • 경기도
    Public Corporation
  • 한국주택금융공사
  • 한국관광공사
  • 경기도시공사
  • 한국철도공사
    Financial Institutions
  • 기업은행
  • 신한카드
  • 우리카드
  • 신협
    Private Companies
  • 쌍용자동차
  • (주)케이씨넷
  • 한국회계기준원
  • 삼성전자
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